TM6900HD Super+ takes a lot of beating


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Jul 2, 2005
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After testing out some of the newer lightweight TM's & their clones recently here:-

Today I was only too pleased to go back to my old faithful TM6900HD Combo Super+

I can understand the appeal of the DrHD D15 with the dB level display ect but what I do not like is the way the data base on a blind scan adds a load of dead transponders after several hours of cleaning up the data base only to see most of what I had removed come back again with the Blind scan on 31.5 east 70% was dead transponders:( This Blind Scan error occurs on most the satellites that I scanned,

Same with the TM5402HD M3,& TM_F3/5 as they are based on the same old TM3000 software now how old is that?

At least I only had to remove a couple of dead transponders with the TM5402HD M1 with a 45,000 symbol rate that was added by the receiver after a Blind Scan when it got confused with a low symbol rate ;)

But this old software being used by the Chinese for a so called new receiver beggars belief just because the PVR,YouTube,ect works may suit most people but for Feed Hunting a more accurate data base Blind Scan is essential if the receiver software cannot be corrected as was the case with the M1 & M2 & Blade 7000s with the 45,000 symbol rate error,

Then I am afraid it is not good enough as the current manufactures are not interested in developing new software as it is cheaper to mess around with the old software with it's inherent software errors as with the data base on the DrHD D15 & the TM5402HD M3 & TM_F3/5,

Enthusiasts will have to look elsewhere for a decent receiver like the TM6900HD that is also getting a bit dated,

I read a lot here about the DrHD F15 & wonder if it is as good as my TM6900HD ?

If only my AZBox P+ had more advanced software to cope with the current transmission types,
So if nothing else turns up it looks like my only alternative will be the:-
TBS6925 PCI-E DVB-S2 Professional PCTV Tuner Card for Satellite Feed Hunting 16APSK/32APSK/ACM/VCM/MIS may be the only way forward atm:D


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Mar 24, 2009
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The F15 is the same as the 5402HD Mark 1 version and the Blade 7000s the others you mentioned are all now made in China to keep costs down and maximise profits, The F15 has the 2 types of firmware the original looking one which is identical to the Blade 7000 and then a the newer HD Gui version which is the same as the M3.

But as i kept saying on the TM community about the F3/5 and the M3 Tuner sensitivity & Picture Quality cannot compare to either the M1 5402 or the F15 the F15 with new HD giu does also not exhibit the Broken Gui Bug which i also mentioned and is only displayed correctly in 720p mode.

Get Rid of some receivers and get the TBS6925 Card as presently for what it can do there is not a receiver to match it.