To B Sky B or not to B. That is the Question!


Apr 28, 2008
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After a good 5 years away from BSB/Sky/BSkyB I have to admit some defeat at actually wanting to go back. Call it getting old and giving up the will to fight but something has changed from my days of pic cards season7 downloads and the joys of illicit viewing on old cobbled together junk. The internet has long since overtaken my old d2mac receiver in the race for pirate entertainment (Johnny Depp and Long John Silver style I mean...honest).

Okay I have finally entered the world of Blu Ray and HD TV's and want more. Blu Ray is expensive and I am done with Lovefilm until more titles are out (die HD DVD die )(-red). Freeview wont HD anything for another year so what so I do in the meantime? Any suggestions (polite please :eek:)?

I still want everything at the best price so will not give into their hard nosed sales machine. I missed those cash back offers and they would not budge on anything other than the HD box @ £200 instead of £250. I believe this is pretty common front for what is passed off as an offer you cant refuse? I tried it on the 31st March and their sales targets must have been solid as they wouldn't budge.

Nothing appears to be changing and I fear the old HD box is now getting a bit long in the tooth (the THOMSON DSI 8215 is about 2 years old now? which is ancient in techy terms)

Can anyone suggest what to do to get a great deal? Does anyone know of any new upcoming possible new hardware launches or great time to buy offers? My TV is fully 1080p and my media PC is pretty handy as well with Blu Ray, 1080i output and HDMI interface.