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Sep 28, 2005
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Many happy returns, have a great day.

Birth Date: 29th July Colour: Silvery Blue Number: 11,2,22 Stone: Citrine – for a greater sense of self Flower: Moon Flower Pet: Turtle Career: Nurse , Midwife , Politics Key Features: Nurturing, Wise, Responsible Naturally good at: Handling children and small animals Character: You have a compassionate nature and help those around you. You are quite psychic and perhaps have dreams that end up being prophetic. You need to harness this intuition, as it will be of great benefit in your life. You share your ideas but are also a good listener and have a great encouraging way about you. Life Path: Well liked and well rounded you manage to balance work and play .You tend to dress very differently when not at work and love natural fabrics and tasteful designers. You have style without being over the top and always look sexy even if wearing a dustbin bag. Love: Love is crucial and you are a lovely partner to have, your giving, affectionate and a brilliant homemaker. You will not tolerate infidelity and must never be with someone who does not commit. Try a Cancer whose birth ruler is your birth day ruler the moon. Best Present: Crystal Glasses , Moon Pendent