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Sep 28, 2005
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Happy Birthday to You - have a great day and many more to come.

Birth Date: 31st July Colour: Purple Number: 4,22,13 Stone: Tourmaline – brings self awareness and releases the past. Flower: Delphinium Pet: Adopt A Jaguar Career: Inventor , Internet Designer , Scientist Key Features: Serious, Credible , Exceptional Naturally good at: Discovering new perspectives Character: You are always researching or digging around for further information. This need to have all the facts and to discover new frontiers makes it easy for you to invent something unique. You are a little eccentric, usually attractive but self-absorbed for a Leo. You like to get attention for your ideas rather than your looks. Life Path: You are a pioneer in whatever you focus on and need to be around others who are optimistic and forward thinking. It is difficult for the average Joe to understand you because you are a bit out there, however women are more likely to relate to you and encourage you. Love: You need an unusual but grounded partner who loves your vast mind and can take care of practicalities. You are never on time but usually are faithful. Why not try an Aquarius whose ruler is you birth day ruler Uranus. Best Present: Telescope , Atlas