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Sep 28, 2005
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Happy Birthday to You - many happy returns.

Birth Date:13th AugustColour:purpleNumber:22,31,13Stone:Amethyst – A favourite of the Romans for sobriety and wisdomFlower:MagnoliaPet:Adopt A LynxCareer:producer , Stage Manager , InventorKey Features:Imaginative , Eccentric , StrongNaturally good at:Harnessing your creativityCharacter:You have a delightfully quirky nature that fascinates people. You can make chairs out of bottle tops or invent a remote control to open your curtains. You are a sophisticated mad professor, you don’t look eccentric, in fact you can be quite tailored and well groomed but you give off a vibe of unpredictable excellence.Life Path:Follow some of your crazy inventive thoughts and you may make your fortune. You have the ability to see things, which others take for, granted. You are a mini Newton, and have profound insight into the obvious. There’s genius in them there bones so live it.Love:You have wildly varying tastes when it comes to lovers and want someone as unusual as you. It may be better to find someone more practical and stable but what the hell. You would get on well with a wacky Aquarius as your share the same ruler Uranus.Best Present:Test Tubes , Chemistry Set