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Come the end of the working day, it's always interesting to dig into the stats to see what the crowd has been reading. So here's a quick round-up of the most popular stories on TechRadar today - Monday 14th April.
10 PS3 tricks Sony doesn't tell you
"We've put together a Digital Home top ten of PlayStation 3 tips that you won't find in the user manual. The video reset is particularly useful..."
Nvidia inches closer to CPU business
"Nvidia has brokered a deal with VIA to produce chipsets for a new low-cost platform incorporating VIA’s forthcoming Isaiah processor. What Nvidia will bring to the party is of course its capable integrated graphics chipsets..."
Free Wi-Fi at Coffee Republic
"Coffee Republic has announced that it is to become the first UK coffee chain to roll out free internet access for its customers. I can hear legions of freelancers and teleworkers cheering!"
Microsoft announces 'Live Mesh'
"Live Mesh is expected to synchronise data between a number of different devices. Microsoft believes that the future of the technology industry will revolve around cloud computing."
Nokia Tube: the first genuine iPhone contender?
"One thing seems clear, the Tube will be the first in a line of touch devices from Nokia. But an iPhone-killer? That's the $64 million question isn't it?"
This week's five best laptop deals*
"The Fujtsu Siemens Esprimo laptop at eBuyer is only £349. That, as our Reviews Editor says, is 'crazy talk'..."
* Now 'Last week's five best laptop deals'.