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totally confused

hi folks would someone please take the time to assist me decide on a way forward in these dark times----i am running with atm5500dapci/
mr 1.3/blue tits/elvis/cas v1 --and have managed to get most things up to now but i am now struggling like most people to see daylight--
i am confused by the volume of info on "mr emulators--n*gra tit emu's---converting mr to mrev--etc" --what is the best way to go ??? and why ???---which files would i use and how(or a link)

i also have acquired a mrev cam which i cannot get to work--(i may have lost the xilinx file by accident)--when i connect it to cas 1 it shows-found xilinx--xc9536xl--cpld--v4--does this mean that the mrev xilinx is still there (or not)--if so what do i need to do next with it to make it run ??

thanking you in anticipation--cheers


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Yes, you still have the xilinx in your cam. You just have to program with the latest MRev file you can get from toecutters.