TPS on CanalSatelliteFrance on 19.2E


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Dec 9, 2002
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There is a problem with some receivers on this package.

My setup: Manhattan 6800 standard embedded irdeto eurocam (patched)

Of the channels I watch Frission, emotion, Jimmy, Sport+, premiere, disney, auteur, geographic, paris, classic, success are not working

yet canal+, confort, cinema, euronews are working fine.

This is using the standard embedded irdeto patched cam.

Updated receiver firmware to latest from manhattan,

Using latest Davem, xamuh 6 in 1 files. Still same........

What is confusing is that there is a mixture of working/not working on the same transponder frequency.

How do they do that ???

Have checked all of the obvious, assumed at first that they had gone to seca2/mediaguard2 only but nothing said on lyngsat or any of the forums.

We should compile a list of affected receiver /cam combinations.

I know that GB sat receivers have also been affected and some have had identical problems with varous cam/receiver combinations.

Everyone please check your canal fr package on 19e and offer your contributions ...........