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Transponder update 02/08/03

Can you please advise if channel IQRAA can be added using the standard sky minidish and sky receiver. Also can you please explain these SID713 VPID3114 APID3115 Arabic FTA


Hi capone

Welcome to the board. The information that you refer to is on a satellite located at 7degrees west. your $k* equipment, I presume, is looking at a satellite located at 28degrees east.
Arabic fta means that it is free to air, not scrambled.
The horizontal channels from this satellite are very weak, I can only receive the vertical channels in near clear sky conditions with a 98cm dish and I am close to the east coast.
If you are in the UK and swing your dish round you would not receive a signal.
You will learn about VPID/SID/APID etc if you decide to branch out and get a larger, steerable antenna and another receiver.