Transponder Update 03/02/03


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Jan 25, 2003
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PAS 10*** 68.5East

Reality TV has replaced SABC Africa on 3863 Ir**eto 2 SYM:20600 FEC 3/4

A Big Brother Africa promo has started on 3863V Ir**to 2 19-24 CET time sharing with SuperSport 5

NSS 703*** 57East

Fashion & Style and the Action TV tests have moved from 3872R to 3886R FTA SYM:16277 FEC 1/2

Türksat 1C***42.0E

TV channel TUR-044 has replaced MCR ANK on 11465V SYM:5632

TV channel MCR ANK has replaced TUR 43 on 11465V SYM:5632

Eurasiasat 1***42.0East

TV channel STAR 8 (package Star Digital) has appeared on 12652H SYM:22500 FTA VPID2516 APID2517

TV channel STAR MOVIE (package Star Digital) has appeared on 12652H SYM:22500 Nag***ision APID5169 VPID5168

TV channel TGRT (package Star Digital) has appeared on 12652H SYM:22500 FTA APID5202 VPID5201

TV channel CNBC-e (package Star Digital) has appeared on 12652H SYM:22500 FTA APID2549 VPID5248

TV channel NTV (package Star Digital) has appeared on12652H SYM:22500 FTA APID5233 VPID5232

Radio channel RADYO KING (package Star Digital) has appeared on 12652H SYM:22500 FTA APID1669

TV channel STAR 5 (package Star Digital) has appeared on 12652H SYM:22500 FTA VPID5120 APID5121

TV channel STAR 7 (package Star Digital) has appeared on 12652H SYM:22500 FTA VPID5152 APID5153

TV channel STAR 6 (package Star Digital) has appeared on 12652H SYM:22500 FTA VPID5136 APID5137

Eutelsat W4***36.0East

TV channel Test (package HTB+) has appeared on 12456L SYM:27500

Arabsat 2A***26.0East

TV channel Kuwait sport (package Arabsat) has replaced Test on 12620V


TV channel TV 5 (package Arabsat) has appeared on 12620V SYM:27500

TV channel BBC WORLD has replaced Orbit prom on 12735V SYM:27500

Astra 2A*** 28.2East

TRN International has left 12226H

Astra 1G***19.2East

All channels have left the C*nalSatellite France package on 12522V

Festival and Histoire have started on 12581V Med**guard 2 SYM:22000 FEC 5/6

Eutelsat W2***16.0East

TV channel ITA 184-A has replaced RETEVISI0N E-60 1via on 11142V SYM:5632

TV channel 5632000 2AUDI0 has replaced NTV RUS-2 on 12517H SYM:5632

TV channel NTV RUS-6 has appeared on 12540H SYM:5632

TV channel Service 1 has replaced 5632000 2AUDI0 on 12555H SYM:5632

TV channel RTL D220 has appeared on 12562H SYM:5632

TV channel 5632000 2AUDI0 has appeared on 12555H SYM:5632

Hotbird 1***13East

MTV Classic and TMF UK have started on 11242V Cry***works SYM:27500

FEC 3/4

A Pilot 1 test card has started on 11408V FTA SYM:27500 FEC 3/4

Hotbird 2***13East

EuroSport News has started on 11823H Ir**to 2 SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 VPID519 APID720

Hotbird 3***13East

ARY Digital UK is now FTA on 12476H SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 VPID650 APID651

The test card has left 12303V

Hotbird 4***13East

EuroSport has replaced CNN International Europe on 10930H Ir*to 2 SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 VPID514 APID670

Regions has left 10796V replaced by an info card

Eutelsat W3***7East

TV channel ITA 56 has replaced ITA 54 on 11178H SYM:5632

Fox News has started on 11492V Cry***works SYM:30000 FEC 3/4

The BFBS package is back on 11324V SYM:27500 FEC 1/2

S*y Turk has left 11690H again

Sirius 2***4.8East

Amateur Babes and XXX TV have left 12111H

A second copy of Romantica has started on 12111H Cry***works SYM:27500 FEC 5/6 VPID133 APID135/138

TV channel SBT has replaced Service 1 on 12590V SYM:6111 FEC3/4

TV channel Teracom SWE-010 A has replaced Teracom SWE-001 on 12674H SYM:6111

Intelsat 707***1West

PTV Prime has left 11014H

Atlantic Bird 3*** 5West

A Tamasha TV promo and a PNN - Persian News Network test card have started on 12711H FTA SYM:30000 FEC 5/6

Telecom 2D*** 8West

The Sardegna live cam has left 11562H

TV channel 5.632 3/4 256K has replaced BT TES-41 4 Audio on 12573H SYM:5632

NSS 806*** 40.5West

URBE TV has started on 3900R FTA SYM:3000 FEC 3/4
VPID1110 APID 1211

Regards SATDUDE. :D


Oct 1, 2002
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Hi satdude,many thanks for your updates mate it saves keep looking them up cheers the wonkydonky