Transponder update 07/06/03


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Transponder update 07/06/03


Turksat 1C***42.0East

Turkiye Jokey Kulubu has started on 10975V (west beam) FTA SYM:5632 FEC 3/4 VPID33 APID34 (Mon-Fri 12-14 & Sat-Sun 10-14)

Eurasiasat 1***42.0East

PTV World has left 12613V replaced by an RR Sat promo (RR Satellite Communications)

A test card has started on 12638V FTA SYM:3000 FEC 5/6 SID1 VPID308 APID256

EuroBird 1***28.5East

S*y Digital: Chat Box is testing on 11390H SYM:27500 FEC2/3 SID52407 VPID2320 APID2321 FTA

A test card has started on 11527V Videogu*rd SYM:27500 FEC 2/3 SID50330 VPID2328 APID2329 (S*y Digital)

TV channel gco (package S*y Digital) has replaced Sirasa TV on 11527V SYM:27500 FEC 2/3

Astra 2B***28.2East

Radio channel LBC 97.3 (package S*y Digital) has replaced yco on 12324V SYM:27500 FEC 2/3 SID5746 APID665

Astra 1G***19.2East

Live 1 has started testing on 12581V Mediagu*rd 2 SYM:22000 FEC 5/6 Start of broadcast: 12 June (C*nalSatellite France)

Eutelsat W2***16.0East

TV channel HOSPITAL has replaced Y P E X W D E on 11142V SYM:5632 FEC 3/4 (Feed)

Hot Bird 3***13.0East

Sailing Channel has replaced the Nova promo on 12169H Ird*to 2 SYM:27500 FEC 3/4

Nova: A new channel has started in : Sailing Channel Italy on 12169H SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID361 VPID521 APID740 Ird*to 2

A Kriti TV Satelite test card has started on FRQ: 12284H SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID3902 VPID515 APID680 (OTE)

902 Tileorasi test card has also started on FRQ: 12284H SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID3904 VPID513 APID660 (OTE)

Eutelsat W3***7.0East

Digitürk: New SID for Playboy TV on 11534V SYM:30000 FEC 3/4 SID1720 VPID2120 APID2240 Cryptow*rks

Thor 2***08West

BBC Food has started regular transmissions on 11325H Con*x SYM:24500 FEC 7/8 SID2501 VPID517 APID656 (C*nal Digital)

Intelsat 707***1.0West

J@J Slovakia is now transmitted FTA 11540V SYM:26000 FEC 3/4 SID1104 VPID516 APID656 (Telenor Slovakia)

Nilesat 101***7.0West

Six ART test cards have started on 11881H FTA SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 (ADD)

ART test card 1 SID1712 VPID3113 APID3114

ART test card 2 SID1713 VPID3123 APID3124

ART test card 3 SID1714 VPID3133 APID3134

ART test card 4 SID1715 VPID3143 APID3144

ART test card 5 SID1716 VPID3153 APID3154

ART test card 6 SID1717 VPID3163 APID3164

Nilesat 102***7.0West

Orbit Promotional Channel (18-11 CET) has started on 11938V FTA SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID21 VPID549 APID550/551 (18-11 CET)

Orbit Express Shop has also started on 11938V FTA SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID21 VPID549 APID550/551 (11-18 CET)

Telecom 2D***8.0West

A new channel has started in : Polonia 1 Poland on 11598H SYM:27500 FEC3/4 SID1104 VPID1124 APID1134 FTA

Tele 5 polska has left 11598H

Telstar 12***15.0West

The 700 Club has moved from 11522V to 11530H

Feed: New frequency for The 700 Club: 11530H SYM:6111 FEC 3/4 SID1 VPID1160 APID1120 FTA

NSS 7***22.0West

SET (Italy) has started on 11618H FTA SYM:1642 FEC 7/8 SID1 VPID4194 APID4195

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