Transponder update 24/09/03



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Transponder update 24/09/03


Turksat 1C***42.0East

Kiss TV has left 10986H replaced by a test card SID1 VPID308 APID256

Hellas Sat 2***39.0East

The package on 12565H and 12565V is encrypted in Ird*to 2 except Bloomberg TV UK and test card

Astra 2A***28.2East

Sci-Fi UK has started on 12148H Videogu*rd SYM:27500 FEC 2/3 SID4905 VPID2314 APID2315 E

Arabsat 3A***26.0East

Package Orbit Network has left 11720H

Arabsat 2D***25.8East

Test card Al-Jazeera Children has left 10971H (Qatar mux)

Hot Bird 1***13.0East

The test card has left 11387H

Hot Bird 4***13.0East

EuroSport has started on 12731H FTA SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID0 VPID2825 APID2826

Inter Channel has also started on 12731H FTA SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID0 VPID2827 APID2828 I

Milan Channel has also started on 12731H FTA SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID2829 VPID2830 I APID

Hotbird 6***13.0East

SNAI Sat has left 11200V

Tele Padre Pio has left 12558V SID9302 VPID6660 APID6661 Italian

A testcard identified OPENET has started on 12558V SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID9302 VPID6660 APID6661 Italian FTA

Amos 1***4.0West

Test card Telesport has started on 11432H FTA SYM:9650 FEC 3/4 SID4 VPID430 APID431 (Adisam Telecom)

Hispasat 1C***30.0West

New frequency for AXN 12092V SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID22 VPID2202 APID2212 Spanish Viacc*ss

New frequency for CNBC Europe 12092V SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID23 VPID2203 APID2213 English Viacc*ss

New frequency for TVE International 12092V SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID21 VPID2201 APID2211 Spanish FTA

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