Transponder update 26/03/03


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Jan 25, 2003
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Transponder update 26/03/03


Eurasiasat 1***42East

NTV Tatlises TV tests and TV 8 tests have started on 11738H (east beam) FTA SR11719 FEC 5/6


Tatlises TV tests SID3 VPID310 APID260

TV 8 tests SID4 VPID311 APID262

Express A1R***40East

OTV Music has left 11611V replaced by a test card

Eurobird 1***28.5E

S*y Box Office have started on 11604V Videoguard SR27500 FEC 2/3
5 SID4330 VPID514 APID662
10 SID4430 VPID515 APID663
15 SID4530 VPID516 APID664
19 SID4629 VPID521 APID669
20 SID4630 VPID517 APID665
25 SID4730 VPID518 APID666
30 SID4830 VPID519 APID667
40 SID5030 VPID512 APID660
44 SID5129 VPID522 APID670
46 SID5226 VPID520 APID668
52 SID5529 VPID523 APID671
54 SID5626 VPID513 APID661

Arabsat 2A***26East (orbit inclination - 0.7 degrees)

Iraq Satellite Channel has left 12581Vand 12565V PAL

Astra 3A***23.5East

The Fish videos are encrypted again in Bet*crypt on 11592V and 11635H SR27500 FEC 3/4

Eutelsat W2 ***16.0East

TV channel HMG LUX2SYM:HOL015G has replaced 5.632 PAL, 2 APID on 12524H SYM:5632 FEC 3/4 (Feed)

TV channel NEWS has replaced Auto 6 Mbit/s on 12540H SYM:5632 FEC 3/4 (Feed)

Hot Bird 3***13.0East

TV channel Euro Com (package BelgaCom) has appeared on 12476H SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID10640 VPID1006 APID1002 FTA

Eutelsat W1 ***10.0East

TV channel UKI 298 MOSCOW CH1 has replaced SATLINK 2 on 12739V SYM:5632 FEC 3/4 (Feed)

Eutelsat W3 ***7.0East

TV channel OCCA 1 W3 (package GlobeCast (7E)) has replaced OCCA W3 on 11283V SYM:27500 FEC 3/4

TV channel OCCA 2 W3 (package GlobeCast (7E)) has appeared on 11283V SYM:27500 FEC 3/4 SID802 VPID2522 APID2532 FTA

Thor 3***0.8°West

TV channel ECET TV (package Bulgarian mux) has replaced TV 2001 on 12169H SYM:28000 FEC 7/8

Atlantic Bird 3***5West

A test card has started on 4152L FTA SR12800 FEC 7/8 SID2 VPID513 APID660

Express 3A***11West

New FEC for Mediterraneo Sat on 11516V FTA SR2170 FEC 3/4

Telstar 12***15West

CTI TV is encrypted again in Ir*eto 2 on 12595H SR31829 FEC 3/4

Intelsat 907***27.5West

Intelsat 907 has replaced Intelsat 605. All reception parameters are the same.

Hispasat 1A/1B***30West

Multipantalla 1-3 are encrypted again in Nag**vision on 12456L SR27500 FEC 3/4

The CAF promo has left 12711V

Hispasat 1C***30West

A Canal 7 Madrid promo has started on 11931H FTA SR27500 FEC 3/4 SID22 VPID4790 APID4791 The test card has left the package

Regards SATDUDE. :D