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Trouble adding plugins


Growing Old Disgracefully
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Famaval 3,1, IP9000HD plus other FTA and Linux boxes - Astra 1&2, Hotbird, Hispasat
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Benitachell, Alicante, Spain
System is DB 7205 with Gemini 2.4 (the latest)

I am having trouble trying to add some plugins. These are the FileManager, LastFM and Netcaster. These come as standard on the Oozoon image, but there are many respects in which I prefer Gemini, so I'm trying to add them to that from the Blue Panel - Games and Plugins - Download.

Whatever I try to download and install, it fails with a failed dependencies message (I'm used to these with "normal" Linux")

What it says it can't find is gemini2-doc (sic). I have Googled, and can find no reference to this anywhere, so I don't know what I'm looking for to add to satisfy the dependency. Whatever it is, Oozoon obviously has it.

Can anybody help me?

dig deep

Prince of Birthdays
Staff member
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Dream7020 and AZ Elite and a few DM800
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I am not familiar with the 7025 but I know that some of those good-to-have plugins are very hard to load into a totaly new img.

I´ll see what I can dig up :)