Trouble in Spain!!



I live in Spain just outside Valencia. Last September we had a 1.9m dish fitted with an AP82-TW MIT Lnb to go with our first generation Sky+ box.

When it was first installed apart from losing C4 between 4-7pm we had 24 hour good reception of all the channels. The installer said we may need to use ITV from 'other channels' in the evenings (Channel, Grampian, UTV etc.) but we didn't need to. Our default 103 (Central West) was fine.

A few times last autumn we had to change to Grampia/Channel/UTV at about 10 in the evening. At this time we always got BBC1/2/3/4 and News 24.

Anyway since about March/April this year we are losing ITV at about 9pm and Grampian/Channel/UTV at about 10pm, as well as BBC2 at about 9pm and BBC1/News 24 and ITV2 at about 10pm.

I've checked the dish alignment by setting both ITV and ITV2 to record simultaneously during the day and then setting the dish by using the two signal strength meters. I get about 50% signal and 60-70% quality for both inputs.

Could the skew setting have changed? If so how do i adjust it?

Any ideas or help would be most appreciated.



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