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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date: 22nd July Colour: Purple , Lilac Number: 4 ,22 , 31 Stone: Hematite – allows you to express your self confidence Flower: Daisy Pet: Adopt A Bear Cub Career: Decorator , Artist , Scientist Key Features: Spontaneous, Witty, Sharp Naturally good at: Interior design Character: Up down, flying around, your moods shift faster than a speeding bullet. You are very influenced by your surroundings and if you are in a place you feel is ugly or confined your mood becomes heavy. This chameleon approach to your surroundings can have it’s plus points as you shine in environments you adore. Life Path: You have an overwhelming desire to create a masterpiece but you are unsure about the format. It may be a great play or a fantastic themed room but you are determined to make a statement with your life. Stop flitting from idea to idea and ground your thoughts to achieve your goal. Love: You are cranky and changeable if your are tied down and may prefer to have your own space to live even in long-term relationships. Partners must accept your free spirit. Best Present: Model Of A Ferrari , Roller coaster Ride