Turkey Sat- Next receiver


My Satellite Setup
Gibertini 1m,
dream 7020(2.9),
triple dragon,
nokia dbox2(cable)
My Location
Hi everyone, looking for an answer that may be hard to find.....

I have a little place in Turkey and got a shop to put up a dish at 13E with a receiver. All works fine. The receiver is a NEXT (popular in Turkey). From memory I think it is a 2500. It does not have a CAM slot so is the FTA model.

When the guy installed it he said it is patchable and he also showed me how to get to the key menu from the remote -so far so good. Everything is there for editing, such as Nagra/Seca etc. but nothing seems to work. The shop does not speak a word of english so a tutorial was out of the question LOL.

Does anyone have any information on this receiver? How to patch it? How to enter the keys etc?

There are millions of these in Turkey and the country is not known for its respect for copyright so it must be patchable/key updatable.

Before I just bin it for a DM500s I would love the adventure of getting it working.

Anyone know anything or can help?

Thank you.:)