Turner's Children's Channels get new iGames



Turner Broadcasting has signed a licensing deal with Two Way TV for a series of interactive TV games. The games will be broadcast across Cartoon Network, Toonami and Boomerang on satellite TV.

The games are based on a new set of formats from Two Way TV, known as ZoomTV, which have been designed to help build viewer loyalty and reduce channel surfing. They can be played at the same time as watching the TV, and allow the player to pause the game at any time if they want to concentrate on the programme.

Turner will be able to regularly update the games' characters and offer branding opportunities to advertisers. The deal follows on from the success of Cartoon Network's interactive TV game Grab-A-Ghoul which ran last year and was based on an original Two Way TV format.
The games to be launched will be based on a number of Turner cartoon brands, including Grim & Evil, Powerpuff Girls and Ed, Edd n Eddy. The first game to launch will be 'Looney Leaps' where players have to save Looney Tunes characters from being blown up by dynamite. It will be played over full screen TV and players will be able to register their score for entry to a prize draw.