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Tutorial in the different DGStation image formats


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[SIZE=-1]**_uboot_*.img[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] - Bootloader (formats the HDD)[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]

[SIZE=-1] - Complete image without bootloader: all data will be erased(except recordings on HDD)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]**_kernel_root*.img[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] - Core image, most suitable for updates, leaves usersettings intact.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]**_db*.img[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] - Database update, you need to setup the STB again, so save your settings first.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]**_welcome.img[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] - Replaces the usual starting picture on STB[/SIZE]

** States the way of transfer eg: USB or Serial. Otherwise the file can be transferred with FTP or HTTP (only on 200s/400s)[/SIZE]