Twin RGB Scarts



I have had a cheapie twin lnb (Astra 19 and Hotbird) system for a couple of years but would now like to upgrade the receiver for a couple of reasons. Wonder if anyone can help.

1) I have a DVD recorder and a decent telly with lots of RGB scarts. Are there any good receivers out there that output RGB on BOTH scarts. A review of the Technomate TM1500 CI+ (which sounds ideal otherwise) suggests it does but the Technomate site says it doesn't. Can an owner confirm or deny?
2) My one complaint is that the Dolby Digital signal (mainly from Astra) breaks up constantly on my receiver so is unuseable. Is this because my signal isnt good enough (90 strength 8-9 quality) or is my receiver not up to the task? Would a better receiver give good results.

And finally I would like to try to get Eurosport with an English commentary. Any assistance greatly appreciated.