Two-faced LCD shows different images on each side

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Jun 26, 2007
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We’ve seen plenty of exciting developments in displays, particularly in irregular-shaped LCDs and OLEDs, but none so strange as LG’s screen that can show different images on each side at the same time.
The amazing prototype was on show at the SID Display Week event in LA and is effectively two 15-inch LCD displays in one piece of glass. Key to the ability to double up is something called an electrically controlled birefringence (EC:cool: display.
Two transistors
This allows LG to control how light is reflected from the liquid crystal cells that make up the 2,048 x 1,536 resolution screen. An additional reflective layer inside the panel allows viewers to see different images on each side.
On top of that, there are also two controlling transistors inside each pixel instead of the usual one – this is what allows the screen to handle and display two simultaneous sets of image information.
Although the prototype is still a long way off commercial application, LG says similar screens might first by used in mobile phones to combine the main and sub display in a single piece of electronics.