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whats the best type of switch needed for a astra/hotbird fixed dish, twin lnb setup, ie two lnbs (offset at 6.2 deg, hotbird in the middle) running the 2 co-axial cables running down to the humax5400, havent tried any multi-sat stuff yet, been looking tonight on this site, found a bit of info, but still not 100% sure whether i need a disecq or a ordinary switch to connect both cables to the humax so i can setup the stb to recieve channels from both sat's and not need to manually change anything other than the channel, does this all make sense?


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If the receiver has 2 LNB inputs of the same type (eg two digital inputs) then you will not need a switch at all. You would just need some way in the setup of the receiver of differentiating between the two inputs (usually each satellite can be associated with a particular LN:cool:.

If there is only one LNB connector on the receiver then you need to connect that to an external switch box and have the receiver do the switching using DiSEqC commands passed up the coax to the switch. In fact, this opens up the possibility of having more than 2 LNBs connected (eg by using a 4-way DiSEqC switch).



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Hi Luigi,

Just set one up with a DiseqC 2 way unit and it works well, you could try this link to check out the price, they are relatively inexpensive.



thxz for your quick reply guyz, actually it (humax 5400) has only 1 lnb input, (has a throughport lnb to connect another stb, like daisy chaining i think), i left it at my mums so she could try all the italian channels but she mainly watches the fta channels (rai 1,2,3), and im missing it, lol, going to reconnect her analogue stb, refit the anologue lnb to her dish and use the digital lnb to make up the twin lnb setup on mine, i love these forums, theres so much info and now i have poeple asking me for info, can you believe that? 2 months ago i didnt know hardly anything about sattv (dont know much now lol)

till next time

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Hello L.

In that case juts a 1.1 DiseqC switch will do the job.

Just make sure your STB knows which LNB you want for which channel.

My Humax F1-CI has LNB 8 pre-set to HotBird[E16], and LNB 7 pre-set to ASTRA 1[E19.2].

One tip is to set the 'non-offset' LNB for HotBird, as in the main the signal strenth from that one is slighly less depending on where you live.

Switch shouln't cost you much more than £15.00.[That's UKL by the way not ITL]

Good luck

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