Two mini HD camcorders launch

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Jun 26, 2007
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Typical. You wait all year for a decent HD camcorder you can fit in your pocket and two arrive at once.

First up is a rather familiar-looking gadget called the DXG-567V. Familiar as it looks like an iPod but performs just like an HD camcorder, because, well, it is.

The DXG-567V captures footage at HD Ready 720p quality, at 30fps. Compression comes in the form of H.264.

Don't expect to make a masterpiece on the camera, though, as controls are severely limited. You do get 2x digital zoom (no optical zoom so its pixellation all the way) and a macro mode, so the close-ups you do make should look sweet.

The cam is compatible with 8GB memory cards, and you do get some internal memory - all 32MB of it. So that equates to around 3.2 seconds of HD content. Nice


Those in Japan will be pleased to know that another pocket HD camcorder has arrived in the form of the Lancerlink DDV-1080HD. Straight away this cam is different from the DXG as it actually looks like a camcorder, with a flip-out viewfinder and everything.

Features are just as streamlined, though, with the DDV-1080HD also sporting a 2x digital zoom, but the imaging sensor is an impressive 5MP CMOS.

The DDV-1080HD does trump the DXG-567V in the imaging stakes however, as it can shoot Full HD 1080p. There is an option to downscale to 720p, which allows you to shoot 60fps, rather than 30fps at 1080p.

There's no word on an official UK launch for either HD cam as of yet, but the Lancerlink should be available next month in Europe for around 300 Euros (£237), and DXG's offering is available in the US now for $179 (£90).