Two thirds of UK homes on digital



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Two thirds of UK households are now watching digital television, according to government figures.

The communications watchdog, Ofcom, said that in the three months to September 65.9 per cent of UK homes were watching digital TV. This compares to 63 per cent in the previous quarter.

In its latest report on the roll out of digital TV, Ofcom said that it expects 16.5 million homes to have made the switch by the end of the year.

This will come as a welcome boost to the government, following its announcement earlier this year that it planned to begin switching off the analogue signal in 2008.

Freeview remains a major success story with more than one million set-top-boxes sold in the third quarter.

BSkyB meanwhile secured another 48,000 subscribers over the same period bringing its customer base to 7.4 million.

Source: AV info