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Can anyone tell me if I can see BBC1/2, ITV and C4 via satellite, or any other UK channels transmitted via sat in Rome, Italy?

Can anyone give me advice on equipment specs how much smart card cost and so on.

I would be grateful for any info. Thanks!


It might be possible but there are both legal and technical difficulties. There are a number of companies who will sell you a Sky Digital package up to £800 or you can do it yourself.

See: for a good summary.

You can also get BBC World from a number of analogue satellites, eg Hot Bird 13 deg E and Sky News on Astra, both free to air (FTA).


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There are no legal obstacles to exporting a Sky digibox. In fact, within the EU there are laws on free trade which explicitly protect free movement of goods & services across member states.

For a BBC-only card, no contracts are signed. So there can be no sense in which breach-of contract were implied by exporting such a card.

So one completely legal way of getting BBC abroad is to buy a second-hand digibox, and if you can't get a card from the seller, order the BBC card yourself. Then take both card and box abroad.

If a full subscription card is required (as opposed to the BBC-only card) then a contract IS signed, where the signee commits not to use the equipment abroad.

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