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UK Horizons To Close



The documentary and lifestyle cable and satellite channel UK Horizons is to close down.

Owned by the BBC and Flextech, a division of Telewest, UK Horizons was launched on November 1 1997. It runs with a staple diet of docusoaps such as Airport and Animal Hospital.

It will be replaced on March 8 by two new channels UK Documentary and UKTV People.


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Despite never really watching the channel it still seems a shame to see it go, when it launched I thought it was a bit or a ‘poor’ channel (that wasn’t just because I didn’t like the content) but compared to some of Sky’s current EPG it doesn’t seem that bad.

At least it is getting replaced by two channels, any chance of UK Documentary coming to freeview I wonder (or hope)…


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PoloMint said:
Despite never really watching the channel it still seems a shame to see it go…

Personally, I reckon they should close down all of UKTV!

I have 'tried' many times to enjoy BBC programmes by other means (UKTV) - given that I can't enjoy them first-time round and un-snipped on DSAT anymore. But, those bloody commercials drive me up the wall.)(-red When you know a show didn't have a break in the first place - its hard to swallow one, once its inserted.

Surely, with ten channels to gloat about UKTV should offer a stand-alone sub; i.e., allowing BBC originated content to remain, well, un-snipped :) .......

Have Fun,