Unofficial cards?


F1 Mike

A few questions...

Is it wise to buy an unofficial card for ITVD?
How often would I have to get a new one? (or have it reprogrammed)
What is considered a fair price?

I just don't want to throw any money into oblivion,cheers muchly:)



Its never wise to buy an unnoficial card from someone because it will need updating at least once a month but probably more, the people who sell these cards will often rip you off with the price of the card, the gold cards are only about £5 each, and will more than likely charge you £5 everytime they update your card, another scam of theirs is to say the card cant be programmed anymore and sell you another one that is a different colour and then sell yours on to some other unsuspecting punter, buy yourself a blank card and a programmer and programme your own cards, it will work out cheaper in the long run and depending on what you pay for the unnoficial card it could even be cheaper than that.
Programmers can be bought for as little as £20 from some sites, this is only a basic programmer but good enough to programme a gold card.