Update code of Matrix Reloaded with Cas interface 2

I was just wondering if there is a way to update the codes on a matrix reloaded with the duolabs cas interface 2.
I always use a new mrABCD.bin file and flash it whole.

The idea is to update just the codes and not the whole firmware. As I could do by typing them on the sat receiver remote control in the MR submenus.

I know that some people use a set of funcards to update their codes
I read the faq and saw that you can also update directly from pcmcia on some laptops (not working on my computers)
In the faq section of the matrix guide it's written:
Q - can I use a CAS interface cam programmer as made by duolabs??
A = YES, info in CAS forum, and duolabs and magictrance websites.
couldn't find anything on that theme. Can someone post me a link or give me a guideline to code update through cas interface 2

Thanks in advance.