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update foretec 5100

Hello guys,
I am new to the world of sat.

I have a foetec 5100 plus boot 4 and ci al7bar. I would like to know how can i upgrade my receiver to ba able to
1- receive viacceses 2 and miagurd 2 channels like sky italia.
2 - to be able to autamatic update the keys of my polst thye chaging frequently.
3 i alsi would like to know what's the diference between the boot 4 and the ci al7bar. I mean what's the goal of the two software installed in the rceiver.

Thank you guys for the help


cerca trova...
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Hi kakkouna

1. Can't receive Via2 without valid card. Mediaguard2 with Al7bar patch (allegedly)
2. h**p://groups.yahoo.com/group/javaidvipsoftware/files/
3. boot file for downloading latest software, al7bar unofficial file for patching receiver to decrypt various providers. Latest versions of Al7bar files can be found on above site.