update Nokia 9302 S


joe mur

Helo y rite from Spain,i have a Nokia 9302 S Holland menu
the Version Software is
version 15
aDASSAULT AT fabrikant
Type 0
path Rum 0
I have big problems because every 10 minutes the screen on TV come black , and come again after 10 second.
I need a Link Web were i can fine the update software.
here i dont fine enywhere. Gracias.


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First, I'm a little surprised you want to use this box in Spain since it is specially produced for the Dutch Canal+ market. It can only receive FTA and Dutch Seca/Mediaguard (Canal+) transmissions due to the built-in land-code and the lack of CI slots for any other coding system.

Second, I wouldn't expect your problem to be related to the software in the box at all. Are you using an official card or a pirate card? If pirate, look there for your problems.

In any event, no software upgrade is available for that model at Nokia's download site ( http://www.nokia.com/multimedia/downloads/index.html ) and I don't know where else you might look.