Update on proposed Sky/Fox merger


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Mr Speaker, I am here to give an update on the proposed merger between 21st Century Fox and Sky Plc, and my decision whether or not to refer the transaction for a full 6 month investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

I should first remind the House that in my quasi-judicial role I must:

  1. Come to a decision on the basis of relevant evidence;
  2. Act independently in a process that is fair and impartial; and
  3. Take my decision as promptly as is reasonably practicable.
I am committed to transparency and openness in this process and have been clear my decisions can only be influenced by facts, not opinions - and by the evidence, not who shouts the loudest.

Broadcasting standards
I have taken careful account of all relevant representations and Ofcom’s advice and have, today - as required by the legislation - written to the parties to inform them I am now minded-to-refer the merger to the CMA on the grounds of genuine commitment to broadcasting standards.

Read full press release


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So it's not just media plurality, but broadcasting standards that will be referred to the CMA now also, because I suppose of possible 'Foxification' of Sky News.

Seems Ed Miliband's campaign has been taken notice of by the Culture Secretary.

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and now fox is trying to kill off sky news too...


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Fox will reduce the quality of Pay TV in the UK & drive people away from this platform,

I have assisted a few people to change to FreeSat & after a couple of weeks they say that they do not miss $ky as they mainly watch ITV & BBC & did not realise that they could watch over 200 TV channels for Free :-doh:-rofl2 well they got there in the end :)


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