Update problems with Coship CDVB2300A


I have a Coship CDVB2300A

The original SW / HW was

SW: S02-2.90R-B21

I have updated the Receiver with a software of STRONG Technologies.(SRT3680 TPS-OK.BIN Patch V1.0 18.01.2004)

The software worked well with some problems viewing ORF.

I have found a new software and tried it to solve the "ORF" problem.

The receiver after booting now comes with start screen "LOGIX Digital World"
SW: CK1.0A
HW: 0000-0.0-S

The software is not what I wanted to have (KEY edit does not work, no ORF, ...) and therefore I wanted to try another software or to install the old software i have.

But there is a big problem now.
It is not possible to install a new software to the receiver anymore.

The uptool - software is getting no connection to the receiver.

So I tried to start the "upgrade software" and swith on the receiver after starting the software, but i only get "ERR3"

Is there anyone who can help me?
I have already read hundreds of mesages in different forums,
but I was not able to find someting which is solving my problems

Many thanks for your help!

Best regards