Updating STARCOM SR X120D Plus with new codes



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Hi all,
I am updating my receiver STARCOM SR-X120 D Plus and I'm facing a major problem. I cleaned my software with
sw_ver_clean_for_SR-X120,150,200CI which I got from www.satsw.com. but I did not note my software version nor my hardware version before the cleaning.

Anyway, I tried to install the Jan_22_SR-X120_130_150_2000CH_1M (my last digit of the serial number of my receiver is 6) using EMUpgrade but I can only read on receivers' display Er02. I cannot turn it ON/OFF on the boton, see anything on TV......... etc.
the message on the computer reads MODEL ID IS NOT MATCHED. I tried the same with software version M2, from website www.satsw.com (http://www.satsw.com) but the result/message is always the same.

I tried the Starcom-FTA_4000ch_V7 or Starcom-FTA_4000ch_M2 but I get HW version error messages. Please help.. I’m frustrated specially that I can’t watch anything now..

Any ideas??

Thanks a lot for advise and your kindness;;


try installing the older bin and hex keys. once you have done that, install the new sw version. try it. only use the software for the starcom. don't use sw for starsat.


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hi all i'm new to here.my problem is i have sr-x120d star sat receiver.how can i connect this with my pc?i brought USB TO RS232 cable.but after i connect it it is nothing happening.please tell me how to connect my reciever to PC.



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Welcome to the forum chandana

You need to make use of the powerful search routine third from the right on the top toolbar. Type in you receiver name and then read. It is impossible for anyone to know about all the receivers in the world. I suspect you may need a female D type to female D type null modem cable but I may be wrong. A forum is a place for self help and unless someone regularly visits the board who has the same receiver then you may wait weeks for an answer so help yourself by searching.