Upgrading HYUNDAI HSS-800 CI

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Have byed this reciever secondhand.
The reciever was working very well !
Now i have updated ( flashed ) this reciever with the bin.files from hisat.

See : http://www.hisat.com/twp/content_index.asp?content_page=hyundaitechs.asp

FLASH.exe & How to update the operating software of an HSS-800CI To use Flash.exe program here

Stab1.bin operating software here

  • 1st November 2000 bn158c1 operating software here
  • 1st January 2001 bn159ct1 operating software here
  • 9th February 2001 bn160c operating software here
After updating i get NO MORE image or sound , not even the menu works !
Please can someone help me with setting the software back or have someone a good firmware that works with this HYUNDAI HSS-800CI ?

Nr. of tuner is : HSS-820M VER. 1.83C