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Hi All:)

I've had a motorised system installed since 97 -echostar 8700 with 1m dish and 4 core motor etc.
However, since day one it's never worked well and after a year something went loose. The installer came back, claimed my lnb had gone and charged a me a shedload more money and that lasted about another 6 months.

Now, i'ts been out of use for quite a while but I want to upgrade it to a disecq system. Presumably all I need is a disecq motor and I should be sorted?

However, I'm also wondering whether to change the brackets and pole set up.
The original installer stuck the pole right up against the gutter and ever since it has rubbed like crazy - especially annoying at night when it's just slightly breezy. It got so bad I had to hang out the en-suite window with a can of wd-40 in the middle of the night, I'm not joking. He also installed a terrestrial aerial on the same pole above the satellite - I suspect that hasn't helped the pole swaying in the wind and is this really the recommended on a sat install? I'm thinking of having the aerial placed on a separate pole.

I've got some pics of the install here - http://atellitenstall.fotopic.net/
Any suggestions welcome (apart from telling me to GFM :D)


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Technomate 5402 HD M2 Ci, DM7000s, Transparent 80cm Dish, Moteck SG2100 DiseqC motor, lots of legacy gear. Meters: Satlook Digital NIT, Promax HD Ranger+ spectrum analyser.
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If your motor is working, you could consider a V-Box to interface with it, that will then work with any DiseqC receiver. Yes, certainly would be better with slightly longer brackets and a separate mast for the TV antenna.