Upstart games shop sells from Borg spaceships

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Jun 26, 2007
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A startup called Gamer Doc thinks buying video games in a cramped retail store is bad for the industry and wants to create a shopping experience that replicates in-game environments.
Upset by the claustrophobic environment they experienced when trying to buying software at video game boutiques, Gamer Doc's founders believed there was a better way to improve a customer's experience when buying their favourite games. To do so, they want to turn traditional retail rules upside down.
Bored with the same old experience
"Conventional store designs resemble a library, with shelves of games," said Harlan Faust, of FHA Architects, the company providing the interior designs for Gamer Doc. "When customers walk into a Gamer Doc store, they'll feel like they're walking into a video game, not a video game store."
According to the company, it has created three designs for the stores: a burned-out building that makes you feel like you're in a first-person shooter title, a 'Borg Spaceship' and a 'cartoon character' atmosphere.
Gamer Doc stores offer game rentals, repairs, the ability to try games out and will provide customers with "as much or as little assistance as they'd like."
The company currently has three outlets open in the United States and hopes to open more stores worldwide if its idea gets off the ground.