Use anything as a game controller with Cam Trax

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Jun 26, 2007
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Cam Trax is a new name on the motion-controlled gaming block, promising to shake up the scene with its patented new software that allows pretty much any object to be used as a PC game controller.
Paradigm shift
The company promises nothing less than a paradigm shift in the way we think about controlling virtual objects on a screen.
According to its website, Cam-Trax supplies “a unique patented software solution that can track any object in real-time with high reliability and precision, using any simple webcam.
“This provides users with new and exciting ways to interact with PCs.”
Step up from EyeToy
Cam Trax is a step up from Sony’s EyeToy technology for PlayStation, as it can track numerous objects in a full three dimensions.
The demo video on the company’s website shows what it can do, from a basic game of pong to a few more surprising things.
We will be keeping our eyes on how this develops, as it clearly is going to be used in some interesting commercial gaming applications in future.