Using same cable for 2 things - scanning and satellite??


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i am totally new to this stuff of satellite receiving but i plan to have one in the future present...

What i would like to know to start is this:

I plan to receive sat tv and receive scanning radio.

I have a radio scanner with a RG58 cable (i guess is this) (Yaesu VR120D) little one with a 0-1200 Mhz freq interval AM/FM/WFM bands and plan to use more the 110/130 freq, so i would like to know if its possible to use the same cable for the sat dish and the scanner receiver to avoid having too much cables on the building....cause there isnt too much space...

I had asked someone about this and i guess this may me possible if tested, cause it depends on the impedance or something else of the cable...(i guess)
Will i have this limited by frequency ranges or what? What shall i do? Any schematics for getting 2 things in 1 ?? Anything?

Any help, thanks!!!!


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RG58 is far too lossy for satellite reception. You need CT100 at least.

As for switching between the LNB and radio antenna, easy at the receivers' end (AB switch), not so easy at the head end, unless you can find a coax switch that can be remotely switched (e.g by a 12V supply from your receiver.