Using the Remote to view Sky on RF

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Hello All

I picked up this tip here :

I might be the last person around who didn't know about this one, but it will be very useful for SWMBO, who watches mainly via a link on the other TV.



PS. This is not a Spam I know nothing about this company.

Programming the Remote to view Sky on an RF channel

Most installations comprise of a Scart connection from the Sky receiver to the TV. This is normally activated by pressing the Sky button for viewing Sky. For installations where the use of a Scart lead is not possible the Sky button on the remote can be set to instruct the TV to go to channel 6 (Or any channel that Sky is normally viewed on) and switch on the Sky receiver.

1) Press the TV button on the Sky Remote

2) Hold down the select and Green buttons for 2-3 seconds until the LED blinks twice

3) Enter the program number for the TV channel which Sky is normally viewed on

4) Press the select button to store, the LED should blink twice.

Now you only need press the Sky button to view Sky on your chosen TV channel


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I've never understood why this information was never included in the Sky user manual for the different receivers, but then again they are not always the most thoughtful.