Vado Pocket Video Cam: does what it says on the tin

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Jun 26, 2007
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Creative has announced the release of a new video camcorder that’s aimed at on-the-go videomakers.
The Vado Pocket Video Cam is just that, a video cam that’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. The reason it’s so small is because Creative has done away with removable recording media. In its place is 2GB of built-in memory which will record up to two hours of video footage at 640x480 VGA resolution.
Don’t expect any manual controls on the Vado, as all you get is an on/off button. It is slim and lightweight, though, weighing in at a feather-like 90 grams.
Quick YouTube access
The cam also comes with its own pre-loaded software that allows easy updates to YouTube and Photobucket and is powered by a recharchable and removable battery. Getting footage on to your PC is simple too, just plug the cam in like a USB drive and away you go.
Mark Grover, European Brand Manager with Creative, had this to say about the diminutive shooter: “When people are having a really great time the Vado is always there, ready to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments that just happen when you least expect them.”
The Vado Pocket Video Cam is available in both silver and hot pink, and is out now to buy in the US for $99. It will be available in the UK through computer stockist PC World soon.