Vasectomy proves child is not mine, says Ozzy



Ozzy Osbourne has dismissed claims he fathered a love child six years ago by revealing he underwent a vasectomy in 1985.

A fan of the Prince of Darkness alleges she had a son by him following a fling at a party in 1996.

But Osbourne said he had the operation following the birth of his youngest child, Jack, in 1985 and could not possibly be the father.

"Ozzy, who had a vasectomy 17 years ago, has no idea who this woman is and has no intention of making any payment," a spokeswoman for the star told the New York Daily News.

Osbourne said: "The most precious thing I have in my life is my marriage and my children and now someone's trying to destroy the harmony in my family."

The rocker has three children with wife Sharon, and two children from his first marriage. He also has two adopted children.