Very weird problem with motorised setup...



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Hello all,

By lack of better info or ideas, I would like to know if someone can offer a possible explanation to a weird problem that I`m having with my new motorized setup (first time with motorized dish).

The setup is:
85cm generic dish
Edision 0.2db LNB Dual
STAB HH100 motor in DiseqC 1.2 mode (supports USALS)
Neotion 601S

I`ve adjusted everything so that all big sats between 28.5E and 30W can be easily picked up. Like some members, I`m handy with mechanical stuf, but electronics sometimes puzzle me :confused. On most of them, everything works fine, but, on 13E, Hotbird, only horizontal signals appear - vertical ones either give zero signal, or remain around 5-6 ratio, with no strength and no quality. If I twist the LNB on the mount 90 degrees either way, signal is strong, but no channels are picked up. On Astra, the same happens, but there`s one or two verticals that are being picked up well. On the others, no similar problems were detected, but I didn`t spend much time looking for it. So far, it seems like a bad receiver/tuner (13V/18V switch not done properly by the receiver). Here`s what I have already done to try to isolate the source of the problem:

- Fine tuned the antenna for Hotbird position only, with total disregard for everything else. Tried adjusting skew, elevation and azimuth, just focusing on that orbital position. The signals get weaker or stronger, but those transponders never come alive (zero strength and quality).
- Tried another receiver (Edision 2620 Cxci), and some, but not all, the signals are received well. The missing ones may be inactive, but I have not done a frequency check against LyngSat tables to verify that.
- Tried connecting the Neotion directly to the second LNB exit (thinking that maybe the STAB was somehow blocking the 13/18V signal). Same result as before, when connected through the motor.
- Tried changing the LNB for a Mirage 0.7db (I think). Same result as with the Edision 0.2db.
- Tried defining a new transponder by hand, using one that I could receive in my other system (CTech 2100 with twin-LNB fixed dish, Hotbird and Astra). Reasoning was that the TP list on the receiver could be screwed up.
Same result: some signal, but zero bars.:(

I`m thinking that it could be a fault with the Neotion receiver. Arguments against this theory are that a few vertical transponders are indeed being picked up well (but not on Hotbird), and the problem, to a lesser degree, exists also with the Edision receiver. I would say the receiver has partially lost the ability to switch polarity, but it doesn`t make much sense. I will test it with the fixed dish this weekend, to see if the synptoms are the same, but would be grateful for any input that might help with a diagnostic. I will also try a new original firmware and TP list, if I can find it. I really can`t see anything that could cause exactly these synptoms.
I`m running out of ideas and of material to swap into the setup.
All ideas welcome, even if only jokes about me overlooking something basic!:)

Thanks in advance.
Daniel Frois

Final update: It was indeed a receiver problem. The Neotion lost all verticals. Voltage at antenna input is constant at 23V. Should be 18V on horizontal and 13V on vertical. Thanks for the help.


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Sounds more like there is something in the way of those satellites. If you can get all of the channels on 30W or Astra 28.2, then there is noting wrong with the switching.