Viacces red cam? Black cam?



I've just bought a GBSat 2 CI 0 with a Viaccess red cam.
My dad has got a Viaccess black cam, and I can watch TV1000 on Sirius 3 with the Black cam...but not the red cam.
We used a gold card to test it in the black cam.
Does it mean that I need a different card to my red cam?
Another it possible to watch Viasat Ticket? My dad can watch it at home, with his Humax receiver, using a gold card.
I couldn't, using my GBSat 2 CI 0 receiver. But if I can watch TV1000 with this receiver, I should be able to watch Ticket too, right?
Hope someone can help me, 'cause I'm very new to all this stuff.


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Have a look at the file sites Dockerslund, there are files specific to the red CAM, the black CAM files will not work.