Viaccess 2 does not exist



Name such as Viaccess 2 or Viaccess II are neither a brand name, a product name, or a trademark of Viaccess S.A. and should not be used for distribution or publication purposes. Correct designation of the Viaccess smart card line-up is PC2.X.

Viaccess products and services are exclusively marketed under the Viaccess TM trademark and that the definition and use of the Viaccess brand is Viaccess S.A.`s sole privilege.

As a reminder, PC2.4 was first introduced in August 2001 for new operators and selected card swaps and has not suffered from any security challenge.

Viaccess is a leading supplier of conditional access systems, delivers to more then 60 multichannel pay televisin providers, enables the widest choice of set-top-boxes in the industry, and supports smart card-based solutions for over 7 million viewers.

Source: Viaccess SA