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video streaming to PC Hard disk

My Satellite Setup
1.1m triax motorised from 28.2e to 30w, relook 400, dreambox 7020, DM500, skystar1, nokia 9500,humax FTA, full 7.1 home cinema

xp4600+ @2.7GHz(aircooled) , 4.5TB HDD, 4GB SDRAM, Dual 8800
My Location
Firstly i want to thank all who have replied to my inane questions so far about the relook 400 (especially Likvid).

I know new images are appearing nearly everyday for this receiver, but does anyone know if a remote harddisk mounting option is going to be used in any new images sooner rather than later.

i currently have a 300GB drive mounted via CIFS on my dreambox which i would like to use in conjunction with the Relook 400.

This will save me having to buy a hard disk for either of the receivers.

So come on you image coders, can this be implemented soon. Please, Please, pretty please :D


big sinky