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ViewStat VS2000 reciever

My Satellite Setup
Viewsat VS2000 receiver and a CompaQ computer
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Where can I find software and firmware for ViewStat VS2000 reciever???


Amo Amas Amant Admin
Staff member
My Satellite Setup
IDD CI24 ECONO MM Penta 1.20 Galaxy II
1.2Mtr Polar MTG yes it has been on the arc for 25 years and is now fixed on 13 East using two pairs of rusty molegrips. Unlike me they never groan but always perform.
My Location
Blackburn, Lancashire
:-Welcome1 to the forum lester_b

Your Viewsat stb seems to be a stateside only model so unless it is a clone of a European or far Eastern model it is doubtful that anyone on this board will know of any software accessories for it as we are European based. We do have some members from the USA and Canada who drop by occasionally. A Google search revealed the following click here
And there is a good report about it here
But someone else may know different and will post here if they do.