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Technomate TMS-1500 CI+ "patched" receiver, 90cm p/f 36v motorised dish, Inverto C120 0.3db LNB, Moteck V-Box 2, Packard Bell 6052 XP Home computer, Toshiba A60 laptop, and lots of Russian Vodka !
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A beautiful middle aged woman finally decided to get married. She did have some requirements however. First he had to be handsome. Second he had to be wealthy. And third he must be a virgin. Well as every one knows a handsome rich virgin male is hard to come by. After several weeks of searching the woman finally found her mate. He was a 25 year old Australian. A few days after she contaced him he arrived in America and they met. She was extremly satisfied in what he saw as was he. A few more days later they agreed to get married. Finnally they married and left on their honeymoon. When they arrived at the hotel she prompley propositioned him for their first sexual encounter. He eagerly agreed. She then told him she was going to go to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. When she returned from the bathroom, she was amazed to see him lying in bed completly nude with all of the furniture stacked in one corner. She asked what was going on. He looked her directly in the eye and said, ''Dear, I've never had s_x with a woman before, but if it's anything like them kangaroos we're going to need a lot more room.''