Virgin Media seeks new VOD content

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Jun 26, 2007
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Virgin Media has confirmed that it would be interested in bringing*more*content to its successful video-on-demand (VOD) service, and would consider ITV programmes.
Following the launch of the BBC iPlayer on its set top, Virgin Media is keen to*further*educate people about the*VOD service it currently offers through its cable network.
Catch-up TV on demand, free for all subscribers, provides Virgin*Media’s pick of the best programmes from several channels, whilst TV*Choice on demand offers*content from partners such as Channel 4, HBO and*Warner,*showing entire series of classic shows like Teachers, Band of Brothers and Babylon 5.**
Content is king
However, speaking to TechRadar, a spokesman confirmed that Virgin*Media*would*look to*add*more*content*to its offering*wherever possible.
"Virgin Media pioneered*on demand content in the UK and we've invested heavily in bringing our customers the best possible service. We’d certainly like to*build on this with new*content and*services," said the spokesman.
"We would*consider*these*on merit. Our goal is to*bring the best film, television and music to our customers, but at the same time*ensure our customers have the best experience possible."
Advert free
Virgin Media’s VOD content is advert-free which would appear to cause a significant problem with ITV content which currently is only available with commercials.’s catch up service lags far behind the BBC iPlayer in functionality and contains adverts, and the forthcoming Kangaroo service from the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV is also currently expected to contain commercials.