Virgin reiterates Phorm stance

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Jun 26, 2007
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Another day, another Phorm story – with the Guardian suggesting Virgin Media is all set to dump the controversial company.
Citing a source who knows a Virgin Media director, the Guardian Unlimited tech blog suggests the controversy around Phorm will see it rejected after the test phase between the two ends.
But a Virgin Media spokesman reiterated to TechRadar that no decision has yet been made and their stance remains the same.
“There has been no change to what we say in our webwise page,” said the spokesman.
A prophetic flyer?
Regardless of whether the Guardian’s source is accurate, it isn’t hard to draw a similar conclusion; Virgin Media will opt out of any agreement with Phorm.
As a company, Virgin has* prided itself on providing good public service, and the increasing controversy around Phorm and its past incarnations has made it a tough sell to customers.
Targeted advertising, despite the huge public mistrust, is almost an inevitability in the coming years, with advertisers desperate to make their campaigns less scattergun and ISPs keen on the revenue streams this will provide.
The public already get a hefty slice of targeted adverts in popular web mail services such as GMail, and, although George Orwell would be turning in his grave, Phorm’s success or failure is unlikely to stem the tide in the long-term.