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After topping up my handset credit to £19.00 I made two short duration calls to the UK whilst on holiday overseas, I was disturbed to learn that my phone had no further credit. I checked the call register for numbers dialed and the following number was displayed +447836900808. This number is not in my directory and I normally operate with the key pad locked. This number is a very deliberate entry. I am sure this is the cause of my credit being reduced.
A fellow employee has a handset on the same Pay as you Talk plan and this number has also been recorded in the dialed calls list. The credit on her phone had also been reduced by some 4.00 pounds. It seems that my son may also have experienced the same problem.

If anyone is operating on the Vodafone network I suggest you check you credit and the dialed calls register, especially if you are on Pay as you Talk tariff.

I am communicating with Vodafone and they have advised me that the number is an Internet or WAP related.

If you have experienced the same problem you can E-mail , ccare.webmails@vf.vodafone.co.uk the contact is Daniel.

I would be very interested to know if any of you or your friends have experienced the same circumstance.


The number you have quoted is the WAP dial out number!

Hope this helps


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lol he has had it in his pocket an dialled the wap no by accident hhhee easily done m8 i have had all my credit used by accident when having phone in pocket & so called m8s sat listening in pub thinkin its funnyan nay givin a toss about my credit